How Does Chiropractic Work ?

Chiropractic works on the basis of natural healing.  If one of the twenty-four moving bones in the spinal column should become misaligned, restricted or damaged, the intrinsically linked nervous system can subsequently become impaired.

The above impaired spinal joints are located by the chiropractor, then through repetition over a period of time, these very specific regions of your spine are gently adjusted and will generally improve with each treatment. Over time, your chiropractor will gradually restore optimal joint movement, thereby releasing nerve pressure to give symptomatic relief and optimise your health.

Methods used vary in accordance with the presenting condition or age of the patient.  A chiropractor may use their hands to apply precise and subtle pressure in certain areas, whilst at other times they may use a gentle instrument called an Activator.  The various techniques all have the same aim of gently restoring correct motion to the spinal joints.

Chiropractic care is safe for people of all ages.  Children who have suffered trauma at birth can benefit from treatment as a safeguard against skeletal development issues as they grow older, along with the elderly, who often gain relief from conditions such as osteoarthritis.



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